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Making A Joint Easily With A Glass Tip – A Guide


https://glasstips.com/ says that glass soaks less of THC as compared to a paper filter. A glass filter leaves no smell on the hands after smoking, and it gives an elegant and classy look. Furthermore, glass tips make it easier to roll a joint and make you a master at it. When such are the benefits of a filter that offers ergonomic mouth tips, then why not invest in one. This review says most people are already opting for it! The article below is a mini guide to teach you how to roll a joint.
The art of it is simplistic and all it takes is practice. After you have used a glass tip to roll a joint about ten times, you will become a pro at it. The main issue is the psychological barrier people have when it comes to rolling. Most people think that it is tough to do, thus fail to make a joint correctly. But keep in mind that the stiff base of the glass tip and the smooth surface makes it as easy as buttering a toast.

To begin, take the glass tip and place it in the center of the paper. The glue side should be on the 12 o’clock position, i.e., vertically away from you. Now put your stuff inside the blunt. At this point, ensure that the section of the paper closest to glass tip should be adequately filled. If it is not loaded correctly, then it might wreck the paper while smoking. The base of the joint, i.e., the section between the middle of the paper and the filter is also critical. If it is overly stuffed, then it can limit the airflow of the joint and hinder the experience. Keep it full but not overflowing.

Now that the entire blunt is filled, we come to the actual rolling part. The glass filter tip will provide you the stability needed to roll. That is why it is easier to make a blunt with a glass tip. Begin with both hands on the glass side and smoothly slide the left hand on the joint. This will give the tobacco a rolled shape. Stop rolling when the glue is all the way up. The unglued side should be standing straight behind the filter.

The next and the last step to rolling is crucial. The edge of the paper that has no glue has to go over the glass filter and then under the rest of the paper to form a snug blunt. To do so use your right thumb and put it on the right edge and begin rolling the joint towards you. The left hand should be used to get the paper inside. Keep rolling the joint towards you with the right hand and use the other to shape the blunt.

By practicing it a few times, you will be able to roll a joint with a glass tip expertly. The process is straightforward once you get the hang of it. It just seems like a hard task to do, but in reality, it is not.